Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is it better to eat locally or differently?

How hamburgers are made by Kyle Starks at Threadless:

Thank to Amanda for sending me this interesting Science Friday interview with Christopher Weber, a research professor at Carnegie Mellon.

Weber found that you reduce more non-energy emissions(methane and nitric oxide) from eating less red meat and dairy products than you do if you ate a completely local diet.

That's good news for Texans that may get sick of summer squash and watermelon in August.

I was also surprised to hear that whether a cow eats grain or grass, they still burp the same amount of methane...I thought that feeding the cows something they were not suppose to be eating (grain) was contributing to the methane gas.

Either way...seems like vegetarians have the most guilt free and carbon neutral diet of 'em all.

Here is the link to listen

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