Thursday, July 17, 2008

Calories...your right to know?

Photo by Center for Science in the Public Interest

The restaurant industry is diligently trying to avoid the implementation of the Calorie Count legislation that is trying to be passed in New York City and some cities in California. My question is, what do they have to hide? Well, obviously a lot.

For instance: this site tells us the 272 Fast Food Items Highest in Calories

I am personally COMPLETELY for this legislation. Opponents argue that there is no research to prove that it would make a difference. So what? In my opinion it is a right to know. I personally would use the information, and know from experience that the people I teach in my classes would consider the information in a food decision as well.

As the calories listings roll out in New York, it is interesting to hear how people are reacting to it. Most are flabbergasted at the amount of calories in their daily muffin or sandwich.

This article this morning from MSNBC was interesting to me. For those that don't care about their health, they will continue not to care and the knowledge won't make a difference. I think this legislation is for those who want to stay healthy. Good job New York City. I hope the rest of the states follow suit.

As our Student Nutrition Organization shirts during my undergrad at Texas State said:
"It's the Calories, Stupid"
Did I offend someone?

This website CalorieLab is a great resource on the calories in food if you don't live in New York. Happy eating!

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