Monday, January 19, 2009

Some great blogs from talented friends

I have encountered three friends of mine that have some great blogs that should be shared.

First, my childhood friend, Johnny, who goes by the allies Flapjacks in cyberworld, has some great photos and documentation of his Epicurean experiences on his blog: The Life and Times of a Bearded Weirdo. (Recipes included) I am ashamed to have missed my chance to dine with Flapjack and endure his culinary skills while I was back in Austin. His also offers up interesting perspectives coming out of Central Texas in regards to cooperative living and intentional communities.

Second, fellow Friedman student and friend, Amy Scheuerman. Amy has a really good looking blog called Earth Bound Kitchen: In Touch with the Earth: Seasonal Cooking that boasts a TON of awesome recipes all documented in a data base. Her blog archives go back to March of 2007. She also takes great pictures of her creations. Don't let her fool you; she's not as sweet as she looks, but her apple pie is!

Lastly, is the another fellow Friedman student, Asta Schuette. Asta's blog, Only An Almond Bean: Trying to fill-in all the missing links between food, agriculture, and society covers timely food and agriculture issues facing the nation and the world. Asta has a strong desire to connect community and culture through food. She is a member of Slow Food and recently went to Terra Madre in Spain and traveled during the holiday in India. Her Almond Bean is a great place to get down to the nitty gritty.

All for now!

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Asta said...

Wow, Ashley you have such talented friends!