Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sustainable Agriculture Chat on Twitter Sunday night, 8-10pm ET

From Paula at Civil Eats.

Sunday, there will be a new sustainable agriculture chat on Twitter. The focus of the two hour-long chat will be education and the messaging around sustainability. We will begin at 8pm ET and last until 10pm. All are welcome to join the chat, just please announce yourself at the beginning by telling everyone your name and affiliations, and use the #sustagchat tag on your tweets in order to create a searchable dialog. Nicole de Beaufort is this week’s moderator, and for the sake of transparency, no one had paid for her to perform this service. She comes by her own desire to discuss these issues. You are welcome to send questions to the moderator, @sustagchat. But here is how the chat will proceed, including questions to get you thinking about the topic written by Nicole:


Q1. What are some of the things we do to feed people in this country that are “unacceptable but accepted”? This in relation to Michael Glantz talking about feeding starving kids in Haiti salted clay. He also said we don’t need technology to fix things. We need “a social invention.” An example: organic. or “looking at nature as a bank.” What ideas can we generate from this notion?

Q2. Why is aquaculture not a regular part of the public discussion of agriculture? Can aquaculture and agriculture co-exist in our minds under the sustainable agriculture heading? How can sustag and sustaqua work together to help each other succeed?

Q3. How can sustainable agriculture address access and social equity? At the Sustainable Seas Institute conference this week in Monterey, Thomas Keller said Americans “tend to want the very best, and spend the very least for it.” Does this hurt those who have the very least but also want the very best?

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My questions:

How to connect the dots of a sustainable food system with economic, ecologic and human healthy questions?

How to make 'soil' 'worms' 'farms' glamorous, hip, trendy, cool?

Keeping the momentum of the movement focused on food democracy for all. Increased funding for sust ag/peer reviewed research?

Options for city dweller and arid regions that can't grow food to gain access and not be dependent on fast/convenience food?

Co-opting of 'local' and 'sustainable' by industry. The conglomeration of food industry and their power in policy. How to break?

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