Sunday, August 17, 2008

Obesity Billboards Hurt People's Feelings


Face the music people. Not accepting the problem is the true problem. How about the cost of the obesity EPIDEMIC.....we take every other epidemic more seriously. People are just waiting for a vaccine and not facing the music. Keep the ads coming.


Anonymous said...

It is very easy to conclude you are not a parent--your comments come from a place of judgement.

AKZ said...

Knowing that this blog, Ashley's career, and life pursuit is dedicated to improving the health of America through activism and education, I know that the comments come from a place of concern for the health of America's children. One needn't be a parent to be concerned about the well being of the nation's children and the obesity epidemic that faces us all. Everyone will face the burden of the cost of health care created by a generation of bad health decisions and the habits formed by those decisions. This ad is aimed at parents, not children. Maybe they should have shown this kid's mom or dad right next to them shoving a burger down their throat.

Anonymous said...

Your unquestioning acceptance acceptance of the 'obesity epidemic' story is sad. What's interesting about this 'epidemic' is that in 1998, the NIH changed the weight categories, so some people were fine one day and ten pounds overweight the next without gaining any actual weight. Think that might have an effect on the stats? It's also interesting that the rates of some diseases, like depression, that often have weight gain as a side effect, have risen at the same time. (Yes, they've gone up in kids too.)

Ashley said...

"story?" I don't need to look any further than a public place to see that people are larger. Also, looking at the money we are paying through our health care for obesity related disease is telling. I would agree about the depression increasing, but I think they are intricately tied. Kids that are too big to ride rides, can't keep up in sports or are teased at school will likely face depression. One could also say that the crap we are feeding our children in the form of chemical additives, preservative and colors are likely having an effect on the body's chemistry. I advocate for healthy lifestyles. Real food, real activity and real community.
The obesity epidemic is one that needs to be addressed.