Sunday, August 17, 2008

USDA expands its Recall of Beef

Food safety is becoming a national crisis. I think the strong media attention to these issue only reinforces the necessity for people to take on the role of knowing where their food comes from. Relying on government just doesn't cut it. It is just like the tomatoes. How many pounds if tomatoes were tossed because of that saga? Now BEEF being flushed down the drain...contaminating our water a second time. This country has got to curb its beef addiction and fast. Especially when 7 pounds of grain produces 1 pound of beef. Good grief.

Wall Street Journal
USDA Expands Its Recall of Beef
Associated Press

OMAHA, Neb. -- The Agriculture Department expanded a beef recall after USDA investigators determined that Nebraska Beef Ltd.'s practices on June 24 couldn't have effectively controlled E. coli bacteria.

USDA investigators decided that 160,000 pounds of meat should be added to the Aug. 8 recall after examining the June 24 records for the Omaha plant. Most of the meat produced that day was included in the recall announcement, but the company omitted some meat produced later in the day after it switched to a different product. About 1.36 million pounds of beef is now included in the recall

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