Thursday, June 26, 2008

A commentary on HFCS

A commentary on HFCS

I must admit that I am pretty discouraged by the recent advertising ploy brought about by the Corn Refiners Association.
Where does real scientifically proven research turn into duping the ignorant public into believing industry agenda?
It is stirring up some dialog on my dietetic practice group: HEN.
Registered Dietitians highlight that their practices are based on scientific principles and current information. In the wake of industry trying to ignore the obvious:
-HFCS is not, and will never be metabolized like sucrose!-
I would like to provide research, made available to me by my good friend Melinda Hemmelgarn, of the Food Sleuth column, in our defense against big corn.

work of Dr. Robert Lustig: which highlights the metabolic pathway of fructose and dangers of overconsumption of HFCS

Fast Food, Central Nervous System Insulin Resistance, and Obesity

The AMA just released a statement about HFS:

Let's hope that my Association, has enough sense to side with science and not with our corporate sponsors: Coca Cola and Pepsi....we all know what side they are batting for!

Note: assuming that most of the corn used to make HFCS comes from biotech
corn, then we have to consider the larger environmental concerns of our
consumption as well.

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Cynthia1770 said...

I too am perturbed about the CRA's effort to sway the general public
into thinking that since sucrose and HFCS are equal in calories per
gram, they are similarly metabolized. I also am disappointed that the AMA came up with a luke-warm statement that HFCS doesn't specifically contribute to obesity. Walk down
the street and really look at people. We are becoming more obese
by the minute. HFCS has invaded our food supply and everytime we
ingest the industrial sweetener, we are getting a bolus of free fructose that the liver is forced to metabolize which can lead to
elevated triglycerides and insulin
resistance. Our family is HFCS-free. It was a difficult; I had to give up a few favorite foods, but
it is worth it. is
a great resource for HFCS-free