Friday, June 20, 2008

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Seems that the powers that be, or at least the lobbying of multibillion dollar beverage companies, have decided that HFCS(street name) is in fact NATURAL. What ever that means.

A District Court in New Jersey has rejected a claim that Snapple drinks marked "natural" really are not.

..."Stacy Holk, who had filed the suit on behalf of herself and other consumers, had maintained that the use of the term 'natural' was deceitful because the drinks contained HFCS, a "highly processed sugar substitute", which is created through "enzymatically catalyzed chemical reactions in factories"....

Last time I checked, chemically altering something, makes it unnatural. Correct me if I'm wrong.

FDA continues to be a stick in the mud on this issue, and will allow industry to make the rules. That's our tax money at work. And the corn producers are dancing a ditty! Drink up!

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AKZ said...

Another instance of how advertisers manipulate language to try to dupe the unassuming public. Dog poo may be "natural", but it doesn't make it a part of a healthy diet. Part of me thinks the consumer should be able to read the ingredient label and not take things at face value. Another part of me thinks the FDA shouldn't allow industry to plaster ads for their products touting then as something healthy when they're not. I think it really boils down to education. You have set out to take on that task, so keep up the good work!!