Wednesday, June 4, 2008

UN Food Summit Menu

In 2002 the UN Food Summit menu was a topic that received much criticism, and rightfully so. Starving people in developing countries wait for decisions to be made, while heads of states(the decision makers) enjoy lavish meals....seems a bit strange to me.

2002 menu

Foie gras and toast with kiwi fruit
Lobster in vinaigrette
Fillet of goose with olives
Seasonal vegetables
Compote of fruit with vanilla
Vins multiple fine wines

I guess they wised up for this years summit.

2008 menu

Vol au vent with sweetcorn and mozzarella
Pasta with cream of pumpkin and shrimps
Veal olives with cherry tomatoes and basil
Fruit salad with vanilla ice cream
Vin Orvieto Classico Poggio Calvelli 2005

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