Wednesday, June 4, 2008


This may not be food related, but its good news to me!
Now what are jerks going to drive?

End of The Road For Hummer After Sales of ‘World’s Most Anti-Environmental Car’ Dive
by Andrew Clark

Loathed by environmentalists, military-style Hummers have survived years of vandalism, arson and abuse. But the lumbering American gas-guzzling vehicles have met their match in the rocketing cost of filling a tank with petrol.

Alarmed by a slump in demand for vehicles that consume vast quantities of fuel, Hummer’s owner, General Motors, is reviewing the future of the Hummer brand which was originally a civilian version of the US military’s armoured Humvee. The struggling Detroit-based carmaker said it was considering off-loading the business - and with US sales plunging, its prospects are cloudy.

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